The modern market place is a data driven environment. Data empowers business leaders by helping them make decisions based on statistical numbers, trends and facts. It helps you comprehend your customers in a relatively easy way and helps with the growth of your business to a great extent.

Why is understanding data important to Marketers?

Data helps a marketer in deciding who should be their target audience, what offer should be provided and what message should be sent out.Marketing data includes email marketing, websites, downloads, ads etc. It shows you what information is staying with your customers, what is generating leads and what a buying cycle is like for your company. A business with a website, social media presence and one that accepts electronic payment is collecting data about the customers, user habits, demographics, web traffic and more.

A company no matter what sizecan tap into their analytics and this gives them a clear idea of what steps should be taken for the growth of their business.

Let us look at some data that will explain why understanding data is not only important but also very necessary.

  • Complex Data is more suited to small businesses because they are more agile and can act fast on insights that are data driven.
  • Around 42% companies want to prove return on investment (ROI) of their marketing tactics.
  • About 87% marketers think that data is the most underused asset.
  • Data driven companies are 23 times more likely to attain customers.
  • Data driven companies are 19 times more likely to be profitable.

Creating an effective marketing strategy

Companies need to develop an effective strategy for their marketing and sales operations. Basic demographic data helps in establishing your strategy, through which you can understand how your target audience speaks, what is their income, education and so on. Understanding the customer will help in creating better campaigns that will speak to the customer. Companies can focus on delivering valuable content through data driven marketing strategies.

ADOHM Simplifies Complex Data

Translating data into the business value proves difficult especially for SMB’s. This is where ADOHM comes in. ADOHM helps simplify data for companies. Even though there is a lot of data coming in, for good results the right marketing strategy must be used. Through ADOHM’s Artificial Intelligence tool, all the time consuming and repetitive tasks are automated, hence simplifying data for the companies. ADOHM provides personalised communication for each business need.

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