Over the past few years, there have been a lot of changes in ads. Many things are happening online these days, for example, Google chrome now curbs some advertisements that may be intrusive. While on other occasions, some companies that provide streaming services allow their users to subscribe for options on ad-free. 

However, in some cases where digital marketing prevails, ads are becoming more popular and utilized.

On some platforms like Facebook, options like adding Ad Breaks to watch programs have become more enlarged. For example, on YouTube, creators now can include ads that a viewer can’t skip to their videos. What about the money spent on ads? It is increasing every day.

It may be that the format employed is what gives the results wanted. In the case of audio and traditional television, people are more interested in the ad-free option.

Nevertheless, in our modern world today, it appears that people accept video ads more. Based on statistics, many people tend to buy products and services because of the ads they see in comparison to the traditional way of using text and image ads.

About the path ads, follow and the thought people have about the nature of online advertisements, and what they use as a basis to weigh them, below are the possible results.

How Users Think Online Ads Will Change

The question we asked a total number of 855 people from Canada, UK, and the U.S was “In what way do you suggest advertisements online would change in the next few years to come?”

The overall response on how video ads might evolve is a bullish one. There was an equal split of approximately 31% each between people suggesting they would overcome text-based ads, and those suggesting they would get past the ad entirely.

What This Outlook Could Mean

As already mentioned a few months ago, a possible reason why people spend more on video ad format is that it would engage prospects encouraging them to buy their products.

In a recent survey in October, 850 people using the internet in Canada, U.S, and the UK were asked the ad format they would prefer, and which would persuade them to buy a product or service, guess what? Approximately half of them suggested they would go for a product or service after they watch a video on it.

The reason might be that video ads have a better chance of not only explaining the service or product to the user but also showing them it entails.

Although text ads can explain things for a viewer, the word counts, however, are restricted, which limits the level of engagement they can offer to their viewers. But in a case of image ads, a user can see what he stands to benefit from using a service or product, it is, however, limited to one snapshot.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of videos, it helps the viewer to see things about a brand that they never knew, and it can be an engaging way to get the attention of the viewer. It also allows them to have a visual image of the product or service when they purchase it.

With a progression in the year 2019, ad formats will continue to evolve and continually adapt to what customers prefer.

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