Understanding your audience is a highly crucial step before taking any marketing decisions. For this, evaluating the ‘User Persona’ becomes key.

What after all is User Persona?

Everything that a consumer is made of. Attaining the 360o data of customers becomes very crucial. Most of the brands start with creating a user persona that can include:

  • Person’s age, 
  • Income & Family type,  
  • Their brand preferences,
  • Social Media activity, 
  • Interests, Hobbies, Location
  • And many more details. 

Once a buyer persona is created, you can separate them into subgroups and target separately or by combining the two or more groups. 

A study reveals that 65% to 75% of the new products do not meet their revenue targets. And the main reason behind it is, the brands are unaware of their customers’ desires. When this happens, marketers face problems in reaching out to their audience with the right services and communication as there is a lack in understanding a user’s persona.

  • According to McKinsey, the value of personalisation represents trillions in revenue to businesses.

According to a study by Gartner, marketers utilize just 58% of their stack’s full breadth of capabilities, citing challenges with cross-functional collaboration, a sprawling array of martech solutions and a lack of a solid customer data foundation. When there’s a lack in understanding data and the customer, there is often a disconnect in marketing efforts and customer desires, resulting in excess spend and low results.

A solution that fixes it all

With ADOHM, a 360-degree customer profiling is created with ease, making the creation of a user persona easy. The end-to-end journey of a customer can be viewed on the ADOHM interface and helps in crafting a unique experience for any specific client. This therefore allows marketers to create segmented audience lists based on user behaviour patterns of similar audiences. This can then help a marketer send only targeted ads without unnecessary ad spend.

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