Digital marketing campaigns help reach out to new customers and keep your current customers engaged with your brand. Picking the right channels for your digital marketing campaigns is very important. The best marketing campaigns should be effective, personalized, and must deliver on the marketing ROI targets of the business.

Running multiple campaigns

Performing multiple activities together might not always be a good idea but for digital marketing it definitely is. Businesses have started realizing that running multiple digital campaigns together not only saves a lot of time but also turns out to be very effective.  The use of CRM software to run campaigns will ensure that each channel is efficiently integrated and the most relevant information reaches your customers.

For a successful marketing campaign, it is important to set goals for what you want to achieve through the campaign and then start working towards achieving them. Not only will running simultaneous campaigns prove cost effective but they will also be aligned with the ROI. Potential leads can be tapped easily and it can take your marketing to great heights.

Let us look at some facts that prove the need for running multiple campaigns together-

  • About 78% of marketers believe that personalized content is where the industry is headed.
  • The average business professional sends and receives about 121 emails a day.
  • Around 49% of consumers say they prefer receiving emails from brands they like every week.
  • About 63% of marketers find that their biggest content challenge is driving traffic and generating leads.

ADOHM runs campaigns simultaneously with ease.

ADOHM helps you run marketing campaigns through a unified platform seamlessly. The AI platform will allow you to relax while it takes care of all the time consuming tasks by itself. All you have to do is feed campaign parameters such as the target audience, KPIs, location, desired devices and channels, and ad creatives onto the platform and it will handle the rest.

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