Fewer things in the world right now are more precious than gold. One can safely say that data comes real close to it. However, vague and unmerited data is not of any value to anybody, especially to marketing and advertising companies. That is why a CDP comes into picture that helps gain clear-cut customer information. This learnt profiling is a data gold mine as marketing companies can figure how exactly they can knock out their customer base with targeted campaigns.

So what is CDP?

Customer data platform consolidates evidence-based data points to profile a customer’s consumer behaviour in a comprehensive and workable manner.

What is marketing automation?

A software that automates redundant manual work to increase efficiency within the various levels of marketing. Some key examples of marketing automation, automated bulk company update mailers sent out, app notifications updates shared with customers over large databases, messages delivered over WhatsApp & SMS etc.

What happens when CDP and Marketing Automation are integrated?

  • 75% of marketers say they use at least one type of Marketing Automation tool. Hence leveraging CDP is influential in launching effective market automation campaigns.
  • A 45.9% increase in customer experience has been seen with marketing automation tools. With CDP integration, systems could gain validation by driving reliable, highly tailored marketing strategies.
  • Marketing Automation has recorded a 34.5% improvement in gaining successful leads. On the whole, with a consolidated profile of a consumer’s buying habits, it becomes a one-time task to automate marketing strategies for them.

Companies who leverage this integration can cut wasteful marketing activities by over 60% and at ADOHM, we are committed to driving evidence-based marketing strategies that marry Marketing Automation with CDP, to achieve all this and then more!

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