What is Adohm Sales Suite?

Free Sales Software for Businesses of All Sizes

Brands almost daily come across one opportunity to kick start a journey with a customer but if you don't look into it goes away quickly. There’s a lot to keep track of, in a timely manner. Well, we have a solution for that – in fact multiple solutions.

ADOHM’s Sales Suite provides you with a mechanism of full transparency. With ADOHM's personalised and scalable sales suite, you can easily understand your customers, achieve your sales goals and close your deals faster. The sales CRM provides great features like Contact Management, Intelligent Workflows and Advanced Reporting.


Profile Enrichment

Those who interact with your website differ on varying levels. To get a description and an understanding of web visitors or users, you can carry out profile fetching.

Contact Centre

Also known as customer interaction centers, contact centers are central points from where all customer contacts are managed.

Lead Management

Lead management refers to methodologies and practices that bridge the gap that exists between marketing and sales. Known as a customer acquisition process.

Email Templates

Email templates are an essential tool of email marketing as they help your subscribers stay updated. However, if email templates creation and use remain traditional.

Web To Lead Capture

Turning your website visitors to leads (potential customers) is a process that is carried out more efficiently when you use our (AI) system.

Lead Score

Lead scoring is an objective ranking of one sales leads against another. Lead scoring helps your marketing and sales teams identify where a prospect is in the buying process and the right follow-up.

Sales Automation

From automating manual and tedious tasks to improving workflow processes, this feature, sales automation can be used to significantly improve the performance.

Form Builder

Everyone who fills out your form will be automatically routed into ADOHM’s CRM. You can further manage the relationship with that person by setting reminder tasks.

Trigger Or Dynamic Responses

With ADOHM, you can send personalized emails to the right users based on who they are, what they do inside your product, and where they are in their lifecycle.

Sales Team Performance Report

The sales team comprises of the admin and the assignees. The admin here will give each assignee a set of leads to manage and can monitor the activities accordingly.