Email Templates

Email templates are an essential tool of email marketing as they help your subscribers stay updated. However, if email templates creation and use remain traditional, you might not get all the benefits that could be accrued, benefits that can be gotten if our AI system is incorporated into the use of these email templates.

How ADOHM’s AI System Improves Email Templates creation and sending

Smart Classification

You can send your subscribers an email asking them specific questions that will help your email marketing to be more effective. Once a response is received and the preference is been stated you can then use AI to classify them based on certain criteria. This could be based on demographics and online behavior. Once these have been classified, you can then create emails that will cater to each segment and send personalized emails.

Send The Email At The Appropriate Time

Our AI and predictive analysis system can gather information about your customer’s behavior. This information then helps you gain insight about what time is best to send emails to whom. With our AI system, you can create an email automation system that will send out these emails at optimum times when your customers are more likely to see and interact with them.

Saves Time

By using our AI system to create your email template(s), you get to save time on rewriting multiple emails to multiple customers. This provides you with time for other creative or strategic work.