Lead Management

Lead management refers to methodologies and practices that bridge the gap that exists between marketing and sales. Known as a customer acquisition process, it is designed to identify potential buyers of services or products, also known as leads, educate them about these products and services, and engage with them. Formerly done on a door to door and person to person basis, this customer acquisition is now done digitally, and with the power of AI, this process goes on smoother and faster.

Benefits of using ADOHM’s AI System for lead management

Access To A Pool Of Leads

ADOHM’s AI system is an automated lead generation tool that has tons of contacts in a self-updating database. This database has the contact address as well as specific interests and likes of all the leads. With our AI system, you can have access to these leads and find ideal potential customers whose profiles match your service or product offering.

Boost Generation Of Leads

With artificial intelligence, instead of having to go through tons of contacts, social media platforms and research trends in search of potential customers, you can quickly zero in on leads that will yield desired results and also find the best way to connect with them.

Determine Which Leads Are Ready For Sales

Not only does our AI helps you find leads but by scanning multiple channels, assessing online activity and assessing how a lead answers certain questions, our AI system also helps you determine which potential customer you should be engaging with and which you should engage later.