Profile Enrichment

Those who interact with your website differ on varying levels. To get a description and an understanding of web visitors or users, you can carry out profile fetching. Profile fetching tells you about your visitors, their similarities, and their differences. It is easily carried out, and more efficiently with our artificial intelligent system.

How does this profile fetching work?

You could either prompt our AI system to directly ask web visitors questions you would like to have answered or you might not. If you don’t ask these directly, AI can still help you get this information from sources like web pages, social media, and news.

Benefits of using ADOHM’s AI System in profile fetching:

Helps You Personalize Web Visitors Experiences

By having the profile of your web visitors, you will have an understanding of their behavior, demography, needs, and wants. Understanding these can help you deliver personalized web experiences to your web visitors with a human touch.

Increased Revenue

People generally like being treated special. You can get this feeling of personalization from profile fetching as it allows you to personalize experiences for your web visitors and email subscribers. Once they feel individualized instead of being just another person in a pool of people, web visitors are likely to return. This return translates to more revenue for you.

Increased Return On Investment (ROI)

Because this is an automated process, you need not employ a team of people to either supervise this or even perform the process themselves. This means an increase in your ROI with no human intervention.