Reports reveal that just a moderate technology inspired enhancement in the customer experience can ensure a rise of hundreds of billion in the annual turnover of a company that was earlier making only $1 billion per year. However, many growing businesses are still struggling hard to make customer experiences more enjoyable, rewarding and seamless.

Surveys reveal that consumers these days are looking for more engaging and interactive experiences. And it is possible only if businesses start incorporating the latest technologies to their routine processes. The trend predictions say that a perfect blend of technologies to marketing strategy and customer services can make a considerable difference in customer experiences in the year 2020 and beyond.

Here we have listed few points describing customer experience trends for the year 2020:

Advanced technologies can enhance customer experience

AI-driven customer experiences:

It is now possible to integrate ADOHM AI bots to different communication channels to improve the quality of conversations between businesses and end buyers. The chatbots stay active 24×7 and provide instant response to the customers for their queries. In case if customers do not find a solution with this preliminary help, the bots can further connect chats to the relevant experts.

Augmented reality for real feel:

The AR-powered call centres can help businesses to enjoy incredible customer experience. AR leads to 360-degree reach in the competitive market while improving customer satisfaction with face to face interactions.

Voice assistance:

It is time to enter the age where people can give a command on their mobile handsets to reach your online store. Moreover, they can also place orders with voice commands leading to the hands-free shopping experience.

Growing with local agents:

Businesses that incorporate local agents to their businesses can ensure enhanced returns for business in the long run. Furthermore, a virtual call centre can boost customer satisfaction as these experts can engage with local customers in their preferred language. It helps to build healthy relationships with the customers.

Enhanced customer experience through transparency:

Brands can now use the latest technologies to improve transparency in customer service routines. With this, employee satisfaction levels can be enhanced by a considerable level while building loyalty in the long run.

Impact of digital transformations:

As businesses are now adopting digital transformations, it has become easier to map customer journey right from start to end. The conversations can be tracked with ease, and audience reach can be enhanced online. The email marketing, social media and personalized marketing can further ensure real-time customer experiences.

Convenient self-help solutions:

More than 75% of customers believe that self-help options help them to ensure a more convenient shopping experience. The professionals at ADOHM at designing many advanced self-help tools to resolve minor issues so that consumers can stay satisfied. Furthermore, auto-attendants and IVR messages can ease the purchase experience online.

Omnichannel delivery experience:

Businesses these days are following the multi-channel marketing model to enhance the shopping experience of customers. The channels are being optimized to enhance engagement while ensuring personalized niche selection options to the buyers.

Eliminate human errors:

Companies are now using advanced tools to avoid mistakes and human errors. They can help to fix, flag and monitor customer behaviours while embracing personalized experience.

Predictive speech analysis:

There is no doubt to say that information about customer behaviour is the most valuable asset for any business. Well, predictive speech technology can help businesses to create new opportunities for enhanced customer experience. This system can help to analyze recorded voice files, live audio streams, emails, social media engagements, and chats to maintain adequate transaction history. It can assist marketers in the long run to provide customer-centric services.

In short, advanced technologies can enhance customer experience by a considerable level.

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