As the companies start adopting inbound marketing, they are more likely to generate more valuable leads in the market. Stats reveal that generally, a very small percentage of inbound leads are ready to make a purchase online. Almost 90% of them get lost due to poor lead nurturing strategies.

When you want to achieve more returns with your inbound leads, it is important to develop a solid engagement strategy.

Lead nurturing is the most effective process to improve the buyer’s journey. With this, even random visitors can be converted into paying customers. Some of the most reliable tactics for lead nurturing include multichannel connectivity, targeted content, timely follow-ups, and personalization. There are plenty of clear benefits of using incorporating lead nurturing to your marketing strategy. However, below we have listed five important tactics for beginners to succeed with this idea:

important tactics for beginners

Leverage targeted content:

When we talk about lead nurturing, one strategy cannot fit all. When you design your campaign as per the target content, it is possible to achieve more beneficial returns. The idea is to collect information about the buying preferences of your customers. It may help you to create targeted content to serve their needs with the right goals, marketing triggers, and clear objectives.

Multichannel lead nurturing tactics:

Earlier, marketers used to launch their lead nurturing strategies only on a single platform such as email. But in today’s scenario, businesses need to ensure cross-platform engagement, and to do this; they need to step ahead of emails. They need to identify powerful marketing automation platforms where they can engage more audiences. The effective multichannel lead nurturing strategy involvesa combination of social media, email marketing, marketing automation, dynamic website content, paid retargeting, and direct sales outreach.

Prefer multi touchpoints:

Each buyer follows a unique journey to purchase products from your website. Hence, business professionals need to work on multiple touchpoints to ensure higher lead nurturing benefits. You may need to create mixed content types, including direct mail, interactive calculators, whitepapers, blog posts, and social media. It is important to address different concerns and questions of your buyers.

Follow up in a timely manner:

When you respond to your customers instantly, it may create a more valuable impression of your business online. You can start building a strong network with the audience by using ADOHM chatbots. They boost the average response time by a considerable level so that your customers can stay satisfied. Moreover, they can make you stand ahead of the competitors online.

Personalized emails:

Another amazing trick to lead nurturing is using personalized email marketing campaigns. They can help you avail much better results as compared to generic marketing. Prefer to follow some creative ideas to customize your email content. For this, you may need to know the interest of your target audience and demonstrate a higher level of engagement online.

These simple yet effective tactics can help you build a solid brand impression in the competitive market.