Intelligent marketers know that conversions are reliant on how well you nurture your leads. Visitors need to be involved from the time they join your email subscribers to when you connect them with your sales pitch. Every round of the customer’s journey should be involved in your lead nurturing process.

Read to find out what lead nurturing traps to dodge.

pitfalls to avoid

Mistake 1: Skipping the Research Phase

When the focus comes to generating leads and making sales, understanding your ideal prospect is everything, and that takes a bit of research.

This is the point of the method that most people would like to skip over. But if you do, you’re placing your self up to fail.

No matter what your product or service, you can’t sell it to anyone unless you surmise the character you’re selling it to.

Mistake 2: Not Optimizing Your Lead Magnet

Hopefully, you are already using a lead attraction to entice prospects to give you their email addresses.

Here are a few ways that you should be optimizing your lead magnets to get the most conversions as possible:

  • Your primary, catch-all lead attraction should solve a big issue that your ideal buyer persona is facing.
  • For the blog post pages that are there on your website, use content upgrades as your lead attraction. These are lead attractions that you create specifically for an individual blog post, and they help the reader take the next step after reading.

Mistake 3: Failing to Implement a Lead Nurturing Email Campaign

Some marketers have faced no difficulty capturing leads, but they still fight to make sales. This difficulty is most commonly induced by a lack of an efficient lead nurturing campaign.

Visualize yourself in the shoes of your prospect or your ideal buyer persona. They visited your website, they liked what they saw, and they loved your lead attraction. Now what is the next step?

Don’t drop your efforts and then leave your leads in the cold. Create a special lead nurturing funnel suited to your needs.

Mistake 4: Ignoring the Follow-up

When one of your leads suggests their support and shows interest in your product, do you take the effort to follow up with them?

Maybe they didn’t buy right away because they had to put in a though about it. Are you hinting them that they need to make a decision?

For the most part, the extent to which you strongly turn a lead into a purchasing consumer depends on how well you follow up with the lead. In other words, the big barrier that stands between converting a prospect into a buyer is the task of following up.

Mistake 5: Lack of an Effective Sales Pitch

While a sale or a prospective deal starts with finding hand-raisers for your offering, it doesn’t end there. It doesn’t even end with your follow up.

The final step is your sales pitch.

For starters, you want to explain why the prospective customer needs your product. And importantly, why your product is more reliable than your competitor’s.

Mistake 6: Not Testing & Tweaking Your Campaigns

Are you testing your campaigns?

If your answer is no, then what is stopping you, why haven’t you started?

Most people put this off because, honestly, testing can seem baffling. You have to come up with a theory, then test it by coming up with modifications of your campaign.

Finally, there is a need to analyze the results. That way, you can figure out what did and didn’t work in your campaign.

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