Sales objections are part of the job. And salespeople generally come up upon the competitor problem when talking to new prospects. As soon as the buyer understands the nature or function of your product, she says something along the lines of, “We already work with Competitor X,” or “We already have a supplier for that.”

8 Ways to Respond When a Prospect Is Already Working With a Competitor

  • “That’s good to hear [competitor] is a great company. We share a lot of mutual customers. Companies that use both of our offerings often find that our product makes accomplishing [X goal] much easier since it has [unique benefit 1] and [unique benefit 2].”

This response lets you distinguish your product from the competition without slinging mud.

Plus, it opens the door for different conversation down the line.

  • “At this point, I’m not asking you to rip anything out. I want the opportunity to show you how we’re different and how we’ve provided additional value to our customers. I can present some use cases of other companies like yours who work with us and with Competitor X. When is a good time to schedule a follow-up call?”

This answer will allow you to determine what your commodity does personally and show the prospect why they need it.

  • “Got it. Can I ask what type of evaluation process you go through to be sure you’re getting the best service available?”

It would help if you sowed uncertainty in the prospect’s brain before they ever contemplate changing vendors. They haven’t thought about their decision to use the game since they signed the contract; this question will have them querying whether it’s still the best choice.

  • “Have they ever let you down?”

Use this question to challenge the prospect’s status quo. If the possibility says yes, follow up with, “How did that impact your business?”

Finally, ask what the merchant did (if anything) to make up for the issue and limit it from happening again.

  • “That’s great. What do you like best about working with [competition]?”

Asking the prospect to think about all the inferences they love the competition probably seems like a bad idea. This question advises his chances to describe what they didn’t like regarding their vendors. The trick? You have to be patient.

  • “I’m glad you’re [dealing with X challenge, recognize the importance of doing Y]. How’s it going?”

The first part of this statement validates the prospect, while the second gets them to open up. Once they’re discussing their situation, you can reckon out how satisfied they are with their current vendor. What’s working well? Pay specific consideration to inspections that could be solved with your product.

Mentioning you’re a previous user gives you instant trustworthiness.

  • “That’s great. I’m wondering, however, if you’re still struggling to overcome [X challenge]. I ask because I saw you [posted something along those lines on LinkedIn, tweeted about it, downloaded one of our ebooks on that, etc.] I have a couple of suggestions for you related to that challenge — would it make sense to schedule a call to discuss them?”

Of course, not every consumer will be so kind as to communicate disapproval with their current provider through an adverse review or critical social media post. But if you take your own time to research before reaching out and analyze the prospect’s online presence, you might get smart to a not-so-perfect fit.

  • “Of course, many of our current customers have used different suppliers in the past. But I’m reaching out to discuss ways you could [tackle business pain, increase results, maximize this investment]. Would you be interested in scheduling another call to talk about that?”

In recent sales, “Always Be Closing” has been substituted with “Always Be Helping.” After you’ve treated the prospect with a challenge, they’ll be more sensitive to hearing about what your business has to offer. Even better, it’s been a long time since anyone from their current provider called them up individually to provide some free advice so you’ll start to look more attractive than the competition.

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