Problem and solution of sale and marketing

Education of the problem: Sales and Marketing teams don’t get along due to misaligned goals and targets. There is a constant battle to understand each others roles and expectations, besides Sales teams think Marketing has no practical knowledge of customer struggles and their confusion. This inherent lack of understanding between both these key roles lead to a lack of integration between sales and marketing crm, this results in wastage of time, increased turnaround time and poor quality of leads.

Education of the solution: ADOHM powered by Artificial Intelligence is the right platform you need to boost your business. ADOHM comes to your rescue to integrate the functionality of the Sales and Marketing team, this further helps you in better lead generation and conversions with a good return on your investments. The platform takes care of time-consuming tasks all by itself 24/7.  

How to integrate Marketing and Sales using technology?

The integration here works on the mechanism of a feedback loop.

Feedback loop for sale and marketing

A feedback loop is a process where Marketing gets inputs from Sales for the output to improve. This is done by collecting and discussing customer responses from the loop. This is the place to look for improvements. Marketing teams also need to know what objections Sales is facing from the clients, through leads and conversions.

Marketing teams must use this feedback to make improvements in their campaigns and content accordingly and communicate back to Sales once what to use and when. Following this, the feedback loop begins again with Sales delivering the improved content to the customer. This provides Sales an opportunity to gain insights from the customer again which gets relayed back to marketing, which again makes improvements. The importance of this feedback can never be underestimated as it’s crucial for the success of your business. 

How the bottom line would be affected and improved with this integration?

Integration can be affected and improved

Bottomline gets affected by:-

  1. 50% of Sales time is wasted on poor prospects
  2. 65% of Sales reps state they can’t find content to send prospects
  3. Tightly aligned companies achieve 24% faster three-year revenue growth and 27% faster three-year profile growth
  4. Misalignment between Sales and Marketing costs B2B companies 10% or more revenue loss annually
  5. Only 12% of B2B buyers want to meet in person with a Sales rep and 71% start their process with an unbranded search

Bottomline gets improved by:-

  1. 36% higher customer retention rates 
  2. 38% higher Sales win rates
  3. Generates 208% more revenue from Marketing
  4. Marketing gains budgets for better marketing automation solutions
  5. Higher ROI correlating with a budget and staff increases