Technology is no longer voluntary – it’s necessary for today’s modern marketer.

The benefits of being the first adopter of technology are long gone. Every single marketer has an introduction to the same tools and resources. We’re all pushing for a place amongst a sea of marketers that are all applying the same tools and tactics to help grow their companies. How does anyone get leading in this?

Tools can be replicated. Remarkable customer experiences cannot.

infographic of CRM driven marketing

Why You Need to Leverage Your CRM for Experience-Driven Marketing

The marketers who get ahead today are hyper-focused on the consumer experience. Experience-driven marketing places your consumers at the centre of everything you create as a marketer.

When focused on the consumer experience, marketing draws & feeds into sales. Sales attack and feed into service. Service charms and feeds back into marketing. And all of this is only achievable when the consumer is at the centre, managed by a CRM.

Leveraging your CRM is the mystery to experience-driven marketing. Experience-driven marketing is the secret to growth. Forrester Research found that companies who said they were focused on experience grew 40% faster and increased customer lifetime utility by more than 60% versus those who weren’t.

Very few marketers have all of their tools and tactics tightly blended into a CRM, which often leads to disconnected consumer experiences, siloed data, and an inability to know what’s working.

This is why we’re investing so much effort in tightly integrating ADOHM’s Marketing suite with the CRM – to give your team a consolidated view of the customer experience, which allows you to create personalized experiences across all channels, and to help you precisely measure your progress as a marketer.

When your entire team works out of a CRM, you get the knowledge that allows you to acquire a consumer experience from the first touch, all the way through the delight stage. More importantly, your entire team is keying information about the buyer into the CRM, providing you with the ability to work hand-in-hand with your sales and service partners. Marketers should build campaigns in the attack phase to drive renewals and win-backs, and also in the delight phase, driving feedback and referrals.

A CRM Helps You Personalize Your Marketing Offers

Personalization continues to be the perfect grail for presenting a great experience. In this hyper-competitive environment, it’s more complicated than ever to win attention, and we all understand that the more you personalize, the higher your odds are of being noticed.

Real personalization is when the content on your site switches, recommending content that your visitor hasn’t read yet. Or when that guest has shown importance in one topic, so you show them a relevant offer.Or when you have CTAs for consumers and different ones for prospective candidates.Or when the chatbot on your site retains not only their name but who their sales rep is. All of this is possible through CRM-driven marketing.

Without CRM, personalization is primarily a parlour trick

Finally, let’s move gears and talk about scaling your success. I’d wager that most marketers aren’t given the honour they deserve for pushing growth at their companies. CRM-driven marketing gets marketers the most confidence for the work they do to stimulate revenue and overall growth.

Your CRM is your system of record. It’s where you look at your business’ overall success. You can see how efficient you are at closing deals, which pipelines are driving the most income for your business, and where your leads are originating from. When you root your marketing tools in this method of record, you get one single place to summarise on both marketing activities and overall business impression.

Your CRM Measures Your Business’s Success

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