Customer advocacy is a specialized form of customer service in which companies focus on what is deemed to be best for the customer. It is a change in a company’s culture that is supported by customer-focused customer service and marketing tips and techniques.

As you can see, advocates are more than just repeat buyers. They are the soul of your business.

Having a client promotion program is your serious edge – your unmistakable advantage against expanding rivalry and low client dedication.

Customer Advocacy Chart

Ways to cultivate customer advocacy –

  • Focus on the relationship –

A customer falls in love with your brand when you provide them a quality product, amazing customer service, and a consistent experience across all communication touchpoints. When interacting with your customers, keep the fundamentals in mind which will foster a relationship.

  • Serve with speed –

71% customers expect help within 5 minutes of raising a request with their problems and this is the chance to show your customers that you care about them by serving them with speed.

  • Share successes –

Positive feedback and reviews about your customer can do wonders. Always amplify the positive feedback and successes of your current advocates. Feature your advocates in ads, share results on case studies and mention your customers wherever possible.

  • Reward customers –

To make your advocates feel special, provide sneak peeks into new feature releases, host special invite only events, send them exclusive offers, create loyalty programs and provide special customer service.

  • Surprise customers –

Surprise your advocates from time to time especially when they least expect it, this will help talk about your brand and give word of mouth publicity. Send thank you notes and free upgrades.

  • Empower advocates –

Your advocates love to praise their favourite brands. The best form of praise that you can offer is a referral. Try and offer advocates an incentive for giving new business to your brand.

  • Remember special occasions –

Try creating personal connections with your customers. Send the gifts and cards on their birthdays or christmas to deepen your connection with your brand.

  • Solicit and act on feedback –

Always ask your customers for feedback and act on it. Customers become advocates if they feel their feedback is heard and their inputs are being valued.

All these techniques help you increase your sales pipeline and help you earn more revenue because your customers trust you.

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