Automated lead nurturing is a compelling way to curate an email encounter that sends your audience the correct emails at the right time in their buying journey. According to Forrester Research, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales leads at 33% lower cost per lead.

Several nurturing scenarios are a part of lead nurturing cycle

automated lead nurturing

First Conversion Nurture

This nurturing path is designed to serve your visitors with exceptional content immediately after their first form of submission. The information you send to a lead in their first few emails sets the tone for what their entire email experience will be; with automation, you can curate a positive nurturing experience for your new leads.

Lesson-Based Nurture

One of the most powerful ways of engaging and building rapport with leads is by providing them with value through education. This can help establish trust and keep your company top of mind as you communicate with your leads in a non-promotional way.

Event/Webinar Registration Nurture

If you host your events or participate in industry events, you might contemplate creating lead nurturing plans that automatically send your contacts emails promoting registration. This particular method is best executed with a fixed date workflow that centres all emails around one specific date. To avoid letting your event become redundant in your contacts’ inboxes, try to spotlight different speakers, topics, or value propositions alongside your event registration CTA.

Registration to Attendance Nurture

While registration for an event is often a primary nurturing goal; attendance is just as important. Within HubSpot, you can create workflows that send informative emails to your contacts that have registered. This will ensure that they have time carved out in their calendar for your event.

Product/Service Launch Nurture

Creating a buzz around a new product launch is no easy task, and it can be helpful to pre-program the sequence of emails you want to send out leading up to the start. These emails can often include the option to subscribe to a announcement when the product/service goes live, along with additional information about the features of that new product.

New Customer Nurture

Once someone becomes a customer, there are typically some initial emails that need to be sent out to welcome the customer to ensure that they have all of the materials they need to start using your products or services. Automating these emails can help eliminate some of the tasks that go hand in hand with closing a new customer.

Onboarding Nurture

Companies strive to create an exceptional experience for their customers to help influence referrals and customer loyalty. The months that follow someone becoming a customer have a crucial impact on how a customer views their overall experience.

Making sure that your new consumers have all of the knowledge they need to feel encouraged and flourishing with your products/services from the start will help you develop promoters. Using email automation, you can ensure that each of your new consumers is learning exactly what they need to get the most out of their purchase.

Legacy Customer Nurture

If you can track your customers’ usage of your products, you can create nurturing that is triggered by low usage. These emails might include information about some underused features they have access to or resources that can help them see better results with their products.

Refill/Renew Nurture

If your sales method requires refills or renewals, you can automate emails to remind your customer when that time approaches. These workflows could also include internal suggestions to your sales or account team to notify them when a customer’s renewal date is getting close.

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