If you are working in customer service, you should aim at helping your customers. If this is it not the case, then you may not be getting the career progress you desire.

Customer care or service aims at helping its customers at all times, whether it is done there and then or saved for later, but it should be done. The service team must make sure that all they meet all customer needs. You must immediately and effectively answer customer calls for inquiries or guidelines, providing support where necessary and you must also be able to multitask yourself to meet all the needs of the customer at that time.

It is hard, with all these functions to be performed at a go, to keep track and account of all the activities of your customer service team. Having in mind that they are a vital part of your company and its progress, it is most times not easy to ensure they follow all the instructions of all they should perform for your customers. While it is important to know how valuable they are to you, you also have to find out if they are carrying out this service effectively.

To assist you to keep account of your service team, we will be reviewing 10 activities that will help them properly support your customers.

1. Develop a success program for the customer.

The success of the customer implies the success of the business. This is important to note because about 95% of successful companies recognized the importance of this successful program. As compared to those companies with little or no revenue where 50% said it was not significant.

2. Build a loyalty program for customers.

If you are unsure of this program, have it in mind; however, that it costs 5 to 25 times more effort to get a new customer than to keep an existing customer. That is the reason why this program has gained popularity over recent years because it improves retention and also increases referrals from old customers to intending customers. Therefore, having loyal customers who spend more on your business, it is essential to encourage them with this program.

3. Add a base of knowledge should to your website.

This is a tool that is used by the customer service in educating its customers. It contains articles for support and outlines steps to solve common customer problems and issues. In a case where the customer faces a challenge, then he can search through the knowledge base to find a solution to his problem. This, in turn, saves them time and stress. 

4. Customer service tools should be incorporated.

Most customers, which include me, prefer investigating their problems from the service-tools rather than ask for assistance from the service team. These tools will enable the customer to try to solve his problem on his own without contacting the service team. With this, they get a faster solution to their problems without having to call or email customer care.

5. Include live chat option.

Live chat is a powerful tool which will boost your customer service teams’ morale. It is a way of connecting phones or emails to enable your representative to handle the customers’ problem effectively. Your representatives can work on multiple chats at a go and join the customer to the knowledge base to enable them to get a faster solution. This will then create a better experience for customers and eliminate the stress of queues form placed calls and sent emails.

6. Automation Improvement.

A minor task can be taken and looped so that it can perform the tasks repeatedly. In this way, you can relax and watch the work go on continuously. How lovely will that be?

7. Get feedback from the customers.

It is an essential step to helping customers because practical assistance requires knowledge of the customers’ problems. Now, if you make changes based only on the business perspective, it can turn out to frustrate the customers, which will reduce your success rate. Therefore opportunities should be the sort to get the feedback so that you can apply  it to your decision making to help your business move forward.

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