Brands almost daily come across one opportunity to kick start a journey with a customer but if you don’t look into it goes away quickly. There’s a lot to keep track of, promptly. Well, we have a solution for that – multiple solutions.

ADOHM’s Sales Suite provides you with a mechanism of full transparency. With ADOHM’s personalised and scalable sales suite, you can easily understand your customers, achieve your sales goals and close your deals faster. The sales CRM provides excellent features like Contact Centre, Intelligent Workflows and Advanced Reporting for your sales closures.

sales CRM features


  • Visit
  • Log in with your email id and password.
  • You will land on the Dashboard.
  • Click on the top centre menu icon and go to the Sales tab.

Create a Project

  • From left vertical menu options go to the projects tab.
  • You will be redirected to the Projects dashboard.
  • Here you can see all your projects.
  • To create a new project, go to the top right to create new Button.
  • At first, set up the necessary information.
  • Next step is setting up the project details.
  • It holds all the information about the project created.
  • In future, if someone wants to check which project performed well in the past and what were the details of the project, here Project Parameter comes in the picture.
  • Then comes the Lead stage customisation, where you can specify the different lead stages along with the default lead stages present.

Default Lead Stages 

  • New Lead: When a new customer/user fills a form, The user’s details are considered as a new lead.
  • Closed won: When the user’s account is set up, and he/she is on board for business, it is considered as closed-won.
  • Closed Lost: When the lead is not interested in going ahead or associating the business, then it is deemed to be closed lost.
  • Reopen: When a lost lead like to re-associate or go ahead with the business, it is considered as reopen.
  • Junk: If the lead details are irrelevant, it is considered as junk lead.
  • You can also add your customised lead stages.

Creating A Lead

  • With “create+” icon, you can add leads into the system by filling the details given below.
  • You can change details, set appointments, tasks, or reminders with the specific lead for the customer acquisition process, as shown below by clicking on different icons. Moreover, you can track the user journey of your lead to look for specific interest, and maybe it can help in the conversion of that customer.

Create a Team

  • In the sales dashboard, go to the teams.
  • To create a team, click on create Button at right.
  • Give a name to the Team and click on create.

Add Existing members to Team

  • From left vertical menu options go to the Team’s tab.
  • To add member to a team. Click on the member’s tab.
  • Go to actions, and click on the Add To Team.
  • A popup will appear. Select the Team, to which the member should be added and click on Add.

Form Creation

The next section is Form creation. As shown, there are a lot of options available for you to create different types of forms for various purposes.

Contact Centre

The next section is the contact centre. This is one centre for all of your communications. Here you can manage all the conversations in terms of emails, SMS, calls, WhatsApp messages etc.

Chatbot Creation

Next section is chatbot creation. Chatbots are very much useful in maintaining conversations with customers. Chatbots can handle a lot of queries without any human assistance with the help of AI-based systems. With our platform, you can create different bots for Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other website.