There are two very important and different parts of the sales process that the marketing and sales teams take care of individually. Your teams should be able to handle these parts of the process with the utmost professionalism.  The relationship between these two teams could be an easy relationship that would benefit your customers and your business, or it could be a struggle filled with tension that often leads to very little conversation and a lack of understanding on both sides.

If your sales and marketing teams do not work together in the past, check out these five reasons why you need to improve their relationship with integrated sales and marketing and why it is essential.

Reason 1: It Decreases Customer Confusion

If there exists any form of misinformation or conflicting information issued by one team without the knowledge of the other team, this might lead to confusion amongst customers. For example, if the marketing is making promises that the sales team cannot live up to or if the sales team is complaining that the marketing team has no idea on what they are selling, this can be detrimental to the sales process as it confuses customers making them be disappointed with products that would have met their needs if only they actually keep the promises made by the marketing team.

Reason 2: Sales Teams have a better picture of what Customer needs

Out of the two teams, it is the sales team that has the upper hand when customer relations because they work directly with the customers every day. They always get into conversations with customers, get to know what the customers want as well as the customers’ view of their products and how to improve them. This is to say that the sales team can paint the picture of customers’ needs better in this aspect than the Marketing team. If both teams work today, the marketing team would be better suited to making effective strategies to meet customers effectively.

Reason 3: The Lead Process flows more Smoothly

At each stage of the sales funnel, there are some deliberate interactions with the customers in order to convert them from being just interested prospect to becoming a satisfied customer who would always turn to your business for their future needs. When there is the absence of harmony in the dealings of the two teams or if they do not work hand in gloves, it is the customers that suffer most. They will not receive much-deserved attention. Even though some might not be ready or capable of making a purchasing yet, but the sales do not have the tools or time to effectively nurture the lead and convert them to full-blown customers. This might lead to confusion amongst customers and often cause them to head to your competitor instead.

Reason 4: Aligned Teams are on the same page

Is there any common goal or objectives amongst both teams? Have they calculated the success of their marketing strategies from advertisements, testimonies from customers, blog content amongst other media? When both teams work together, both teams would common goals and work towards achieving them and this would be for the betterment of the company.

In the absence of this alignment, the two teams might have separate goals that might be in contrast with one another. The marketing team might struggle to provide the leads that are required by the sales team because they do not share information as well as goals.

Reason 5: The Numbers don’t lie

If you still harbor any iota of doubt or dissatisfaction about the benefits that the symbiotic relationship between the two teams can bring, let’s take a peep at the numbers! When there is a rift in the relationship between the two teams, there is a 4% decrease in the organization’s income. But whenever the two teams are working together, there is a 20% increase in their sales on average.

As you integrate these two teams and bring them to work together effectively to achieve common goals, you would see the appreciable changes that would occur in your organization as both your business and your customers will appreciate the benefits. An unforgettable customer experience all begins with their first interaction with your organization be it through a social media account, visiting your website or reading your blog post and then moves to deal closure when the sales team finalizes and completes the purchase. Creating and strengthening the cohesion between the sales team and the marketing team would significantly improve immensely customer experience which would subsequently convert leads to customers.

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