Every company likes to think (and say) that they’re customer-centric.

It’s careful thought. They are putting the customer (and their feedback) first, across the entire business and across all of the products and services they sell.

But sometimes, throughout a company expanding rapidly, or chasing growth, or increasing margins, the customer can take a backseat to other priorities, and customer experience can suffer.

The four customer experience core competencies

1. Purposeful Leadership

Leaders must define clearly their values and motivate other people to follow them. Embracing purposeful leadership is very important, and it has five characteristics.

  • Persistence – Act consistently with stated values.
  • Positivity – Motivate people by showing appreciation
  • Propelling – empower others to succeed
  • Passionate – Share a compelling view of the future.
  • Persuasive – Explain why things are necessary.

2. Compelling brand values

Excellent and authentic brands are more than just marketing slogans. They’re a set of promises that an organisation is committed to delivering value to its customers. You can create compelling brand values by following these three steps –

  • Make Promises – communicate how you will treat customers by defining a set of explicit promises. 
  • Keep Promises – hold the organisation accountable for delivering on these promises.
  • Embrace Promises – help all employees understand their role in delivering on these priorities.

3. Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more likely to work harder, make improvement recommendations, and help their colleagues and customers. Five things will help you understand the importance of employee engagement.

  • Incent – Deploy appropriate systems to measure, reward and reinforce behaviours.
  • Inspire – Connect employees to the organisation’s vision and values.
  • Inform – provide employees with the information they need to understand company priorities.
  • Instruct – support employees with training, coaching and feedback.
  • Involve – Take actions with employees to improve processes and solve problems.

4. Customer Connectedness

Any company that is trying to improve its customer experience needs to embed deep customer insights in every aspect of its operations. you can master customer connectedness by embracing these 4 activities –

  • Continuously listen and act – Establish a voice of your customer program that generates actionable insights.
  • Target specific customer segments – Have a clear set of customers in mind when making decisions.
  • Design for real people – create experiences that tap into customers’ emotions and behaviours.
  • Focus on customer journeys – help customers achieve their broader goals rather than focusing on individual interactions.

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