ADOHM is an India-based company that specializes in helping companies market their products through the power of Artificial Intelligence. The software uses big data and machine learning to analyze the markets and help companies in outsourcing manual and lengthy tasks to process automation. The core ideology behind ADOHM’s use is integrating Artificial Intelligence into a company’s workforce. ADOHM can help sales team of a company in improving communication with the consumers.

What is the role of automation in marketing?

There are certain tasks in a company that are required to be repeated. Additionally, tasks such as data entry, scheduling tasks and emails, etc. take up intensive manual hours and reduce time for innovation in a business. Automation changes this by taking up additional responsibility of doing these tedious tasks and giving a company more time for nurturing ideas that can help the businesses gain an edge over its competitors. ADOHM’s tools can help companies in implementing market automation easily.

Here are some ways how ADOHM’s software can help in bridging the gap between consumers and the company.

Chatbots Will Help In Building Customer Relationship

Chat bots have become an indispensable tool for marketing and resolving customer issues. Chat bots are integrated into websites and help the company by being available for consumers 24*7. They are able to mock the manners of a human assistant and provide a similar service to the consumers. ADOHM uses Artificial Intelligence in recognizing keywords from the queries posted by consumers in the chat box. Little or no human interaction is involved in this entire process and the consumer gets a completely personalized experience.

Dynamic Pricing Can Help In Attaining Customer Success

The sales team of any company is often required to build a better customer relationship through identification of pricing trends. Manually tracking pricing of different products and the trends that are impacting the market can be difficult. ADOHM uses machine learning algorithms to improve the productivity of the sales team. The algorithm automatically identifies pricing changes taking place in the market. This tactic can also be used in optimizing campaigns or mass sales organized by a company on their website. ADOHM’s tools will prove very useful to both the consumers and the sales team for maximizing product sales.

The use of artificial intelligence in online businesses is underrated. If machine learning and artificial intelligence is learnt and used in the right manner, it can help the sales team of a company in generating a large amount of leads. The advantages of using AI in marketing are endless and the technology will continue to deliver better results for the company if used intelligently. Artificial Intelligence integrated tactics are consistent and do not cause error to the company, thus helping companies in cutting down losses. If used correctly, ADOHM’s tools can help your organization in achieving better heights.

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