Web To Lead Capture

Turning your website visitors to leads (potential customers) is a process that is carried out more efficiently when you use our artificial intelligence (AI) system.

How Does This Work?
This AI system interacts with every visitor on your website. It greets them with personalized messages, answers any questions they may have, and help them with any navigation they need.

This AI system asks your web visitors for their contact information. Once gotten, these are added to the pool of leads you already have. At this stage, you have successfully carried out the web to lead capture.

Benefits Of Using ADOHM’s AI System for Your Web To Lead Capture:

It Is A Fully Automated Process

This means that there is less occasion of errors, it requires no human supervision, you can save on cost, and your pool of leads can remain updated, even when you are sleeping.

Real-Time Monitoring

The fact that it is fully automated also means that website and web visitors’ activity are always monitored per time and no web to lead capture opportunity is missed.

No Missing Out On A Sales Opportunity

To ensure that new leads are not lost in your pool of leads, our AI system notifies your sales representative(s) of every new web to lead capture so these can be reached out to promptly.

Increase The Efficiency Of Your Follow-Up Process

To increase this, you can customize your capture form to contain questions that are specific to your business. This helps your follow up process to be more informed.