With the increased development in technology, it has affected almost all the sectors throughout the world. Technology has affected healthcare too, it has changed the way of treatment, disease control, research and lot more. Technology has not only improved the ways of treatment but is also successful in saving time and cost by better accessibility to more people. The idea is to understand how an AI assistant can help answer the queries of the customers by providing them assistance and proper guidance in addressing their health issues.

AI assistant to resolve customer queries and provide guidance for their Health issues.


As brands have tried harder and harder in recent years to become more human, they’ve run into the same problems of automating engagement. They want to be your friends, want to know everything about you as their customer, all elements of a more personal relationship. A Chatbot helps the healthcare institute to schedule appointments, answer general user queries related to hospitals or doctors, sending reminders to patients, help to self-triage patients’ disease based upon the symptoms they enter and can be used for patient engagement.

Chatbot helps the healthcare industry to schedule appointments, answer general user queries, sending reminders to patients

ADOHM helps provide users an easy interface to create their own bot through the platform powered by artificial intelligence. The bot can be trained by entering the entities and responses; the bot can also be trained on the basis of the URLs and specific specialities that are present on the website.

For Eg. - If a person is on a specific microsite of the healthcare institute which talks about pediatric cancer, the bot will ping the user with specific questions on pediatric cancer that the user would be interested to know about. Similarly, if the person moves to another microsite which is about neurology, the bot will help and answer questions related to the same.

The bot also helps personalise communication by creating and storing the user history through the Data Management Platform(DMP), any returning customers are called out by their names and they can continue the conversations from where they left off the last time. The individual can also reschedule appointments with the last doctor they visited and also provide feedback for their appointments.

ADOHM with its AI capabilities will help increase reliability and cost effectiveness to the current scenario of health which proves chatbots to be a boon to mankind.